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The project sponsor and developer is Paterson Park Development, LLC (“Paterson Park”).  Paterson Park Development, LLC is a New Jersey Limited Liability Company which was formed on March 7, 2005.  The developer has maintained a business presence in Paterson’s Fourth Ward for approximately seventy five (75) years.  As a result of this engagement in the local business community, the principals of Paterson Park are well-respected in the community and enjoy excellent relationships in Paterson’s private and public sectors.




Project Location


The Paterson Park project is located at 601 E. 18th Street/453 Broadway in Paterson.  The project is located in both a designated community redevelopment area and Smart Growth area. Its within walking distance to retail, schools, employment opportunities, houses of worship, social services and recreational facilities. The property is also immediately adjacent to the New Jersey Transit bus stop which is a direct link to New York City and Paterson's Downtown District. 



Paterson's Great Falls now a National Park