Paterson Park Development LLC


Affordable Permanent Supportive Housing

Serving Homeless and Disabled Veterans and their families
find safe affordable permanent supportive housing

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Housing For Our Heroes Inc

Floor Plan 2nd,3rd & 4th Floors

Ground Floor   Lobby and Retail

One Bedroom Unit

Two Bedroom Unit

The project offers a wide range of unit types to accommodate singles and families.

The unit mix is broken down as follows:  3 efficiency units, 3 one-bedroom units;

9 two-bedroom units, and 3 three-bedroom units. All units are handicapped

adaptable and  include modern amenities such as Energy Star appliances, window

 blinds, ample closet space, and hardwiring for cable TV and internet access.  Every

unit has a private kitchen and bathroom.  The project is designed and will be

constructed in accordance with Energy Star standards and  incorporates as many

 green features as possible to provide a more comfortable and healthy living

environment for residents.